Thursday, December 24, 2009

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[SPOILER][SIZE=7][B]adults advice the young people to stay away from corruption. however the adults themselves still corrupt and this ONLY MEANS ONE THING yo..[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=14]only when youre adult you are allowed to be corrupt and learn from them![/SIZE]

[SPOILER][SIZE=14]kita sama-sama lah hormat-menghormati and teladani budaya org dewasa kelak![/SIZE][/SPOILER]


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  6. SUPP party

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  19. there is 1 simple reason why you shouldnt read what everyone else read, (thats why u r saying so now),




    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    "All the money in circulation is a debt, debt that can not be paid for two simple reasons: debt cannot possibly be paid off by debt; only the principal amount exists in the circulation - money for the payment of interest does not exist. To be able to pay interest on money that is issued as a debt, in this never-ending cyclus, one must always just create more and more new money. Since this newly made money is also created as a debt, even more new money must be created tomorrow in order to pay for the interest on it. In this insane system, the more we produce, the more we are indebted. The more indebted we are, the more and more of our rights and pleasures we give up.

    caplocks matter - REFERENCE




  25. 2 ways for gov to influence economy :
    - Gov spending, puts money on economy and stimulate economy growth
    - Gov tax, higher tax takes money out of circulation, reducing income

    When during economy growth, gov can increase tax thus slowering down inflation during boom. When during recession, gov can increase spending, leading to economy stimulus. There isn’t really much choice, using these 2 choice is controlling how high economy boom or how low recession.

    Political view no.1 – reduce tax & increase gov spending during recession and
    increase tax and less spending during economy boom

    Political view no.2 – increase tax & reduce gov spending during recession and
    decrease tax and more spending during economy boom

    3.) - increase tax & increase gov spending during recession = no effect
    - decrease tax & less spending during economy boom = not much economy boom

    4.) - reduce tax & reduce gov spending during recession = super recession
    - increase tax & more spending during economy boom = super boom

    Conclusion, as the point number 3 & 4 doesn’t seem logic, but I just put it there as to list out all the possibilities scenario. So most likely we have typical 2 types of political view

    Reduce tax & increase gov spending during recession

    Decrease tax & more spending during boom

    Increase tax & less gov spending during boom

    Increase tax & reduce gov spending during recession



  28. if theres no justice on society, why it would make sense that we suppose to follow education, follow the rules, obedient, policy, and all kinds of shit that suppose to make us better?

  29. 1.) ….Make money… nobody gonna tells you. Why? Because why it would make sense they would allow someone else to have young naughty mistress? They want it all by themselves. And also when you going to eat or stay at 5 star hotel who is going to serve you? Therefore rule no.1 is the reason.

    2.) For eg : lets say i want to open an electronic store

    - Location is a small town, and at that time there is already 3 other electronic store, so i need to compete with them

    - So i tried my best to improve my own competitive business strategy, reduce operating cost, huge discount, and at the end my business thrived the other 2 of 3 decided to closed the business.

    - Now only left me and another competitor electronic store, so since my profit previously has been so good and i could afford to buy the competitor store in order to reduce possibilities threat for my current business. Its very normal right? Business acquisition happened all the time

    - Assume that competitor agreed to let me purchase, indirectly.. boom! I had the regional business monopoly now.

    - On the other hand, even if i didn't acquire the competitor store, but rather just became friend and partners with them, figure out a way to work together, flourished and in non-competitive way, seems logical right? Well.. guess what.. now i had a cartel. In other words, businesses is based in part of gaining strategy, to win market share to enhance profit, therefore it is natural gravitation to seek dominance in your sector or industry. And at the highest level is monopoly and cartel.

    - It is a natural progression of a “free” market system to become as dominant and powerful as possible.

    3.) Get a complete list of your competitor in kch,
    4.) Establish contact with them, arrange all of them in a meeting, present a proposal of co-operation with all of them
    5.) So the main agenda of the meeting is put aside the differences, and starts to collaborate. The company doesn’t belong to one person. We are all in this together.
    6.) Indirectly we are able to avoid market insecurity, so the whole idea is eliminate competition and become a monopoly & collectively raise prices in order to charge whatever price we like, for eg: 300% increment from retail price

    Similar example of landline monopoly like tmnet, the whole country internet backbone, monopoly of public media like tv stations, radio, newspaper,

    1.) for example, many palm oil company which own vast amount of land in rural area, they use those land to plant palm oil for the market demand and profit.

    2.) those huge palm oil company shareholder is very closely related with high ranking government officer and datuk is the major shareholder. they are our leaders.

    3.) the palm oil company co-operate with many rural district/land council because district/land council is the place which owns those land title and ownership paper.

    4.) palm oil company asked district/land office to destroy paper and evidence of land ownership which belong to some private individuals or various villages location & people

    5.) so palm oil company objective has achieved and they chase all the villagers out from the land and starts planting palm oil

    we should follow the leaders, learn from leaders

    - Therefore no matter how hard you pushing your employee, pushing d.., pushing V…., pushing r…., or pushing me, is never going to solve the root of the problem.

  30. taipei




  31. #zmf yaawwwnn... kinda sleepy lol

    #zmf mmmm... eating chips and fish now.

    #zmf wow.. today had a debate with someone which is sounds like lawyer, wondered if hes the one

    #zmf today computer is giving lots of problem

    #zmf computer has scanned tons of virus

    #zmf People, giving a shit about people.

    #zmf seeks to identify the root causes of social problems and correct them from the lowest common denominator.

  32. #zmf purpose is to initiate the transition into a Resource Based Economy by spreading awareness of the concept.

    A #zmf is a global system in which the planet's resources are declared the common heritage of all the world's people.

    A #zmf presents a system where human wellbeing and the preservation of the earth take priority rather than profit.

    A #zmf is a system based on machine automation rather than human labour, freeing all people from meaningless and repetitive jobs.

  33. "A way to a sustainable life on planet Earth" (at least until the Sun explodes) #zmf

    I don't need a whole sentence to communicate what #zmf means to me...just one word will do...HOPE

    The spirit of #zmf, for me:

    #zmf-The logical social and economic progression of our world, facilitated by science. Come check us out.

    LOL People giving a shit about other people. I'm using this #zmf

    Money is bullshit; watch Zeitgeist: Addendum #zmf

    TIME :

    DATE 15th Dec

    between 2:00 -- 3:30pm

  34. before write the program for central computer, we can use existing source code, which is your program to monitor ink level, i dunno if this is already complicated since im no programmer, assumed we already studied and the program is not favorable to anyone, then will use the code in central computer.